Badge Categories

ICAST has a number of Badge Categories and Designations. Here is a list and description of each Badge.

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Badge Type

Badge Description


Exhibitors have an allotment of 4 badges per 100 square feet. Any badge requests over the 4 per 100 square feet will have an additional fee.


All buyers must include proper credentials for approval.


All buyers must include proper credentials for approval.

Manufacturer’s Rep.

Independent sales representative who handles many different manufacturer’s product lines.


Media credentials are issued to media reps whose purpose is to write about the show, products and other ICAST-related events. Marketing, public relations and advertising reps do NOT qualify for press credentials. Student and corporate members in professional outdoor write/media/communicators organizations do not automatically qualify for a Media Editorial badge. Corporate members generally fall into the Media-Sales category

Non-Exhibiting Member Manufacturer

Sportfishing, allied or marine manufacturer that is a member of ASA, but not exhibiting at ICAST.

First-Time Non-Exhibiting Manufacturer

Any manufacturer who has not previously attended or exhibited at ICAST.


Federal or state fish and wildlife agency employees and people employed by natural resource affiliated non-profit associations only.

Industry Associate/Industry Supplier

Members of industry-related associations, trade shows, etc.  “Catch-All Category”


Persons licensed by the U. S. Coast Guard to carry passengers for hire and who operates the charter boat or head boat. Must provide a valid captain’s or guide’s license.

Media – Sales

If a media rep is from a media source (newspaper, magazine, broadcast, but is in advertising sales, then he or she falls under the Media-Sales category and must register in that category and pay the respective member or non-member registration fee. The Media Sales badge also applies to marketing, public relations and sponsorship development.

Custom Tackle Retailer

Manufacturers producing private label, custom products for resale.

Nonprofit and Educational Organizations

Organizations or institutions that incorporate recreational fishing/fishing conservation in their mission or curriculum.