Obtaining Media Credentials

ASA invites all professional outdoor media to attend ICAST.

Before registering in the Media Editorial category, please read the FAQs below.


What are the criteria for approving a request for media access to ICAST?

When approving requests for media access to ICAST, we consider, among other factors:

Previous media credentialing at one or more recent ICAST shows.

A demonstrated record of print, broadcast, cable or web-based coverage of recreational fishing, boating and outdoor recreation-related activities.

Can I obtain access as registered media if I work solely in digital media?

We welcome digital media to register for ICAST. However, digital media applicants must meet certain guidelines that demonstrate they are posting regular, quality content about recreational fishing. ASA will determine the qualifying frequency and quality of the posts.

We DO NOT approve badges for personal Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok or other social media accounts.

What can I submit as acceptable credentials to substantiate my request for media access to ICAST?

Any one of the items listed below can be used:

Current individual membership card issued by a state, regional or national bona fide outdoor communicators association.

Press identification card issued by a bona fide, industry-related news organization.

Your name listed in an editorial position on an industry-related publication masthead.

A link to a website or blog dealing with industry-related subjects which includes your real name (no aliases, no exceptions). Your full name and role must be listed on the website.

Your LinkedIn page that highlights your current title/work experience.

What is the difference between a Media Editorial and a Media Sales badge?

If a media representative is from a media source (newspaper, magazine, broadcast, dot.com) but is in advertising sales, then he or she falls under the Media Sales category and must register in that category and pay the respective member or non-member registration fee in order to attend ICAST. 

The Media Sales badge also applies to individuals in marketing, public relations, sponsorships and business development.